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Ripples of Courage

Grief Support Circle for those who have experienced the death of someone important to them (Ages 18+)

About the Group

In Chinese Meridian Theory, the lung and large intestine chi (energy) is associated with courage and reverence. When these organs are in a state of imbalance, particularly the lungs, the chi becomes connected to grief. Even though all emotions connected to our organs are considered natural responses to life (and loss), depleted lung energy can lead to a feeling of stuckness or an inability to express grief (Powers, 2008).

Ripples of Courage invites participants to process their grief courageously by acknowledging and expressing their feelings of grief and learning to stay present in their grief experience. My hope is that this in turn will ripple out into the community creating a more grief aware and grief accepting culture allowing individuals and communities to express their grief freely. 

This 6 week grief support circle will take place each season and include movement, journaling, grief psychoeducation, sharing, and connection. 

Group will always begin with the ritual of lighting a candle for our person/people who died. Participants are invited to have a candle, a journal, a cup of tea or hot water with lemon, and anything else that feels cozy/comforting/grounding with them during group meetings.

Fall 2024 Ripples of Courage:

 6 weeks

Tuesdays 7-8pm EST on Zoom

September 10th - October 15th

$249 includes all sessions



This group is for anyone who has experienced the death of someone important to them and is looking for more holistic and body based grief support  (Ages 18+).

We understand that life happens and there may be certain dates you are unable to attend. Therefore, participants are not required to attend each week, but it is highly encouraged to receive the benefits of being in a consistent supportive community.


Before participating in classes please read and sign the 

For Questions/Concerns Please Contact

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