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Yoga Child's Pose

Flowing with Grief
Yoga Classes

Create the space to allow your grief to breathe


Current Monthly Class Schedule

First Thursday Evenings of the Month from 7-8pm on Zoom starting in March


March 2nd 

April 6th


About the Practice

The Flowing with Grief practice invites individuals to connect to their bodies and their grief through movement, breath, and sound in order to release any pain and suffering that may be stored in the body.


Each 1 Hour virtual Flowing with Grief class will be held over zoom and address a different theme related to grief. As opposed to being focused on strength and flexibility, this yoga class centers the emotional body and the embodied experiences that we hold. Traditional Grief Yoga® incorporates many different forms of yoga including vinyasa, kundalini, laughter, and restorative. This class with be blend of these styles and include time for journaling and reflection at the end.

The intention behind this monthly practice is to attune to our bodies, our grief, and the season we are in, thus connecting us to our hearts, our spirits, and our people who have died.  

  • No previous yoga experience is required to participate in this practice as it can be done in a chair or on a yoga mat. 


  • Participants are invited to find a quiet private space and set themselves up in a way that will be most accessible to them with whatever props will make them most comfortable ie. blanket, pillow/bolster, blocks etc. Loose fitted clothing you can move in is suggested.


  • Participants are also encouraged to have a candle and/or picture of their person in their space, as a way to honor and connect to their loss in the physical world.



Let your grief flow. Let your grief breathe.

To sign up for the email list and learn more about monthly class offerings:

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