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"Rivers are places that renew our spirit, connect us to our past, and link us directly with the flow and rhythm of the natural world"

Ted Turner

Let Your Grief Flow. Let Your Grief Breathe.

Riverbend Grief and Movement Therapy LLC is a private practice led by Kelsey Sawyer MA, BC-DMT that offers individual and group grief support services guided by movement, breath, and the body.

Beyond the Bend

The Story Behind the Name

Water is a cleansing and nourishing element that encourages movement, flow, and healing. In Chinese Medicine theory water is the element that is connected to the kidneys and urinary bladder organs, which when out of balance are associated with the fear of letting go, and have been referred to as the channel of life and death, as they link the past and future. Water in river form shapes the land it flows through and awakens with the seasons and weather. It smooths stones, houses habitats, and calms souls. Rivers can vary in length, width, shape, movement, and direction, much like our lives throughout a lifetime. 


Rivers and water have always been a natural grounding force in my life. When I think about my own grief process, water is always an element that's present. Whether it's in tears, baths, walks by the water, or cups of tea, water realigns me and connects me back to my body, my meaning and purpose, and my people who died. It only felt right to name my private practice after something that has truly nourished and supported me in my grief.  


Riverbends are a beautiful representation of the experience of change and adaptation to loss. When you come to a bend in a river it's hard to see what's coming next. You never know what twists and turns could appear, and it may even take you in a completely different direction than you had planned. This is the same with life, and with death. Instead of fighting against the current or sinking to the bottom and becoming stuck, what if we could allow our grief to flow and fully experience what's beyond the bend?



Riverbend Grief and Movement Therapy LLC offers a variety of services to fit your grief needs. These services are available for individuals and groups and can be adapted for all ages. ​

Individual Grief Support Sessions

50 min individual grief support for children, teens, and adults using Dance/Movement Therapy, Yoga, and Mindfulness techniques to encourage healthy adaptation to loss


Creeks Program: Children's Group Grief Support

A grief support program for children and teens that uses Dance/ Movement Therapy, yoga, and other creative arts to access the nonverbal embodied parts of grief that may be needing to be expressed/ processed, while creating and strengthening connection to ourselves, each other, and our people who died.​


Flowing with Grief 
Yoga Classes

The Flowing with Grief practice invites individuals to connect to their bodies and their grief through movement, breath, and sound in order to release any pain and suffering that may be stored in the body. Each 1 hr virtual class will be held over zoom and address a different theme related to grief.

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