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Riverbend Grief Movement LLC offers a variety of support to fit your grief needs. These services are available in person and virtually and can be adapted for teens and adults. 


*Individual and Group Grief Support Sessions will require a free 15 minute initial phone or video consultation before beginning services. 


*I am an out of network provider and do not accept insurance.


Book a Session

Please leave your name, email, phone number, the offering you're interested in, and a brief description of your grief experience so we can work together to choose the right support for you. 

Or contact me directly at:

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I look forward to connecting with you!

“One must be connected with their breath to feel their body. A connection to the body allows one to feel their heart. A connection with the heart allows one to become clear about their values so that they may connect with their humanity. When one sees their own humanity and realizes that others are suffering around them they have the opportunity to connect with the oneness of all beings and our shared humanity”. 

Michelle C. Johnson 

(Johnson, p. Xiii, 2017)

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